Monday, April 27, 2009

To Cap it off!

Newest development! Cool Caps at Cache Bags!

Beethoven lends a head. I've cut out bunches of cap sections. These will keep the sun off your head and the hair out of your eyes. These were popular last summer too. There's even one sold to a collector up in Michigan!

Cool Cap
Sturdy brim, floppy on top
Lined and sturdy

Oh, yeah, see the Banjo? That's not been printed to fabric yet...just you wait! It's a beautiful Celtic knot.
Couldn't wait to show you! LOOK!

Here's the first one to be sewn with Beanie's fiddle print. Isn't it beautiful? Actually right now it's strapless....I'll get that figured out really soon....needs to be sleek. So it's not finnished yet...yet.....yet.....And there's another distraction in the wings....Big event happenin' on Wednesday! Who's birthday? Who's going to be nine???? Isn't that fine! Two more days Grayson!

New Cache Comin'

Oh, collaboration!!!

Sorry this is sideways but it's just to give you an idea of what's developing here at Cache Bags. I happen to know an artist who's designing beautiful prints.......
Here's a shot of one of my new great fabrics. Great texture, lovely color. AND now! Silkscreened with a print that my sister, Beanie had created. Actually you see here 3 different prints. Two different fiddle designs and one really cool flute design. Wait till you see them for real....Just you wait till I get them on the perfect Cache Bag!
More fabrics draped around the living room, drying.
If you'd like to see more art by Beanie wander over to this link. She's got a banjo print coming. LEAF is gonna love this!

Friday, April 17, 2009

In a Flurry

Wow, the bags are all over the place...

I've got my table ready, tags ready, coffee mug ready for my morning Short Street Cake cup of coffee....

Bittersweet....I'm saying goodbye to bags that will go home with wonderful people tomorrow. I can hardly wait for you to meet my bags in person!

I'll see you tomorrow (11-5) at the Howard Street Handmade craft market!

"A Bientot!"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well Suited.

Tailored to suit. That says it all.

This one has curved front flap, main section zipper and one more zipped compartment inside.

For dressing down on Fridays--goes with khakis perfectly.

Roomy, but slimming.
Cozy plaid with easy access front flap and 2 zippers.

Cache All

Here's the bag for the job. Beautiful, practical, handmade (like all Cache Bags) and LOCAL too.
Slip this one over your shoulder and you'll know I have sewn love into the very seams. I made it for you. To carry your prosperity.Evie
Roomy, soft, (you'll want to crawl in...)
Front flap

To Honor Earthday Everyday.

Gaia One (left) and Gaia Two (right)
Earthy colors, earthy textures. Stones to highlight and to keep you grounded.

Front flap and Zipper too.
Real Stone Highlights.

Head in the clouds and feet on the ground.

The study of planetary habitability is partly based upon extrapolation from knowledge of the Earth's conditions, as the Earth is the only planet currently known to harbour life. The release of this image prompted the formulation of the proposition that the Earth was alive, and fostered acceptance of that proposition.
The Gaia hypothesis is an ecological hypothesis proposing that the biosphere and the physical components of the Earth (atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere) are closely integrated to form a complex interacting system that maintains the climatic and biogeochemical conditions on Earth in a preferred homeostasis.

from Wikipedia....take it in slowly.

High steppin' Bag!

These two bags on the left are inspired by a commission. Our wonderful toe tappin' friend Ellie requested a new bag to replace her old bag that was approaching its complete expiration! I made several and she chose one....Ah ha! They are ONE OF A KIND! So you don't see hers here. But you'll see it if you're doing Cape Breton step dancing!
Unique, hand matched, sewn with love.
A slick zip to close on top.

PS We love you Ellie! The dancing around this house is amazing!

Wild one!

Here's one that's just FUN! These pictures are great but you've got to hold them, run your hand down inside, throw it over your shoulder...This one says "Ooooooooo~"
Lift the flap for the inside view.
Double strap, easy access front flap

Practical, easy access front flap.
Zippered section in front.

A New Fav

You'll hug this one close. It's sleek and cozy at the same time. A black that goes with anything and dresses up everything. Mina is lovely. I'll have a Merlot with that.
Elegant, posh.
Shoulder strap, easy access front flap.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Capture the Northern Lights in this bag

This bag is full of imagination....and there's plenty of room!

Zippered pouch under the front flap.
Over the shoulder strap.

We're going places.......

Lotus Bag

Lotus Bag
Variety of finished sizes.
Shoulder strap and front flap.
Beautiful fabrics.
Everyone is unique, like you.

Inside view of the Lotus Bag. I thought you'd like to see. I found many fabrics that I loved and patched them together. The arrangement was inspired by my son's desire to make a log cabin quilt. He's been cutting up fabric all over and has made 2 panels coming soon.

A New Gig for my Bags!

Here's the breaking news! I just received a call from the Howard Street Handmade! I'm in for the Saturday April 18th event! Yeah! You'll have first choice of the bags before LEAF now! I'm excited to be included in this collection of fine artisans. Come and check out the venue right next to Short Street Cakes on Haywood Road.
Check out the cakes too! (OK going to their website will not satisfy your craving for an Easter Carrot cake! You'll have to make the trip.)


Variety of finished sizes.
Shoulder strap and front flap.
Beautiful fabrics.
Everyone is unique, like you.

Phoenix has been sold!

Very beautiful.I am inspired by my shopping trips to my favorite local fabric stores. I say "Hey look at my new fabrics!" and the roll their eyes...then the touch the velvets, twills, courdoroys... and are swept away too.....

Yes, even more Bobbies!

Aren't the new fabrics terrific? Some like this one are vintage...


Fabrics vary

Way Cool.

OOODLES of new ones!

Look what's hot off the sewing machine! Lot's of hot "Bobbie" Bags! If you'd like one speak up because we're going to LEAF and it's a hot style sure to sell out!


Over the shoulder, Reversible, Ready for FUN.
Fabrics vary