Monday, November 16, 2009

Yes, yes. I'm still here and still sewing!

Hello Friends. Thanks for being so loyal. You deserve an update. But there's so much that came out of a seed of potential, a wistful dream....I don't know if I can do justice to the events around here!

Fall flew in and blew in all sorts of changes. All good. Surprises galore. Some were hard at first but turned out great and others were too good to believe at first and turned out even better.

If you really want the scoop we'll have to get together.

Most of my stock right now is out with you all on your shoulders and on your heads. I enjoyed meeting friends old and new at the farmers market in Asheville and there's reports that you've been spotted around Asheville sporting those cool caps! So right now I'm sewing like crazy for the next craft shows.

My mom has been quietly creating her own artwork and lately she's been bringing her things to my shows and sales.
She brings from the "old world" the lace making art called tatting or in french "la frivolite".
Here with the shuttle you pass it through the loop.

Now tighten the knot. Ok, you're right. It's not that simple. But Mom's accomplished. Every Christmas for about 12 years she's made all her children (seven, I tell you!) a special snow flake for their Christmas tree. Friends and friends of friends have placed orders with her over the years. This year it's been snowing in her living room all summer:

Look how beautiful!These two are special with dangling beads in the center.These two are magical because it's as if she really caught a snowflake and figured out how to preserve it so you can hang one on your tree.

Her tatted lacework adorns these beautiful cards. Each card is a gift of the heart.

We don't often send anything in the mail anymore. When we do it's got to be special.
Here are some other pieces she's created:
The CrossA shimmering icicle with beads worked into the lace.A gold maple leaf.And this one: A TRIBUTE was a special order for a breast cancer awareness event. It is really beautiful!

Please keep checking in on me! I'll have my latest batch here in just a bit.